Friday, February 12, 2010

We finish Wakfu!

Today was our oficial last day animating the very last episode of the Wakfu TV show!
2 years and 2 months after I came to France for working on it.
(Kind of sick of animating the same during such a long period...)
Soon the second season... :P

Hoy fue nuestro ultima dia oficial en la animacion del ultimo episodio de la serie Wakfu!
2 años y dos meses desde que llegue a Francia para trabajar en ella.
(Es bastante cansino animar lo mismo durante tanto tiempo...)
Pronto la segunda temporada, que se le va a hacer :P

Dernier jour officiel pour l'anim de Wakfu!
2 ans et 2 mois après :P
Bientôt la deuxième saison :P


duep said...

I have never heard of this cartoon! Is it available in English?

Sjan Weijers said...

great stuff! And I really like the sketches below too :)

J.W. Foged said...

So done Huh! Whats next? and don't say second season..

Tiko said...

Hé Hé ! Finished ? Really ? I think there will be some retake before the real end...

Mick said...

hey man I hope you are well and jolly and in the lead.

There are some great pictures on here... amongst all the shit

All the best ya whacky Spaniard

Emmanuel Briand said...

tu pleures ?

Mick said...

where you at now man... where's the new pictures... where did I leave my bus drivers hat??

kanishk said...

Wow - I love your style and colouring technique!
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Unknown said...

Great animation for what a watch

Anonymous said...